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Compete For My Opportunity (C4MO)

C4MO is shifting the power during purchasing from vendors to consumers!


C4MO creates consumer leverage via direct vendor competition

helping consumers drive prices down when purchasing goods and services.

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"C4MO is committed to being the #1
e-Competition platform in the world"

Helping you save money every day on the things you Need and Want most…

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Live, direct, and transparent bidding process

Real-time reports of the savings generated as opportunity participants lower prices to win your business!


A new way of doing Business… C4MO is changing the way consumers shop…

And the way vendors generate new business… Click here to sign up and try C4MO for FREE!

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It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Anyone can request quotes, create opportunities, and enjoy the savings!

Opportunity Creators get better pricing! Opportunity Participants generate more business!

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C4MO – Committed to helping consumers regain time and money that they never knew they were losing!

Our platform helps Opportunity Creators maximize both time and money!

Save time and money on whatever, whenever, wherever.
C4MO is a direct, live quote management tool helping lower prices and eliminate haggling.

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How C4MO Works

Compete For My Opportunity (C4MO) isn’t like your average auction. It’s a public reverse auction platform which focuses on helping consumers drive down prices.

There are many reasons to use C4MO

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It’s a new way of purchasing.

By placing Opportunity Participants in a direct competition environment, they are more inclined to provide the best possible pricing that they can offer.

Peace of mind.

Opportunity Creators gain peace of mind knowing that they have been afforded the opportunity to achieve the best possible deal on every purchasing decision managed in the C4MO platform.

It’s free to access.

Using the platform is free. If C4MO is not able to get the price down for you, you don’t pay anything.

No more Guessing.

No more guessing about the "right price to pay." With C4MO, the market will tell you what the right price point is by letting those who do the work every day progressively decrease price quotes.

Works for everyone.

Vendors win too. Generate leads, establish customer loyalty, drive brand recognition, increase volume.

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